Offer a personalized bag – How to

Seeing the end of this year arriving, and after a few requests, here are some details about how you can offer a personalized bag or accessory.

Some of you are willing to offer a bag, as well as the opportunity to personalize this one. In this particular case, it is hard to know which budget you should allow to a gift card.

The solution is quite simple : getin touch with us per mail, Facebook, phone call or Instagram, and mention your informations so I can send you « a gift card for a unique and personalized creation ». You’ll be invited to print this card, and put it in a nice envelope.



After receiving this card, the person can request a meeting with me at the workshop (when the sanitary conditions will get better!), a phone call, a visio call, and it is even possible to place the order per mail. I’m always doing my best to send as many photos and details as possible to be sure that everything is well understood and your request is met.

Once the details of the bag are set, I make 2 details sheets, the first one with all those details to be sure that we understand each other, and a second one which is a copy, with the price. The first one is sent to the person who will receive the bag and the second one to the person who is making the gift.



You know the following steps : an deposit is paid to confirm the order, and I get back in touch with you, in a period of 2 months, to announce you that the bag is ready, the bag is paid and delivered to you 🙂

It is also always possible to only offer a voucher of a determinate amount, instead of a whole bag. The vouchers are available directly, through the same contact means, or on the webshop.



And for those who really want to offer a bag, on the D day, some unique pieces are available on the webshop .

Have a nice day!