How can I contact KOKKO Bags?

The easiest way to get on touch with us is to write us a mail. We’ll be happy to read you at : info@kokkobags.com .

You can also use our contact form.

Can I exchange a product?

Yes, you can send back and exchange a bag that wouldn’t fit your attempts. Find more information about that topic in the rubric Deliveries, returns and exchanges. You can alors find the steps and conditions for defect articles.

Made in?

All the bags are designed and made in our worship in Liège, Belgium. We also always give such attention to always select quality fabrics at local and European recipients.

What are de delivery delays for a bag?

Because all the bags are made with love, and handcrafted, we take a delivery delay of a month between the day of the order confirmation and the sending date of this one.

Meanwhile, if you need to get the bag for a special occasion such a birthday, a very special occasion or other, don’t hesitate contacting us to let us know. We’ll do our best to reach your request, depending on the planning of the workshop.

I don’t exactly find my happiness in the presented bags, can I personalize one of the models?

Of course it is possible. We are at your disposal for tailor made orders. You’ll find more information on the rubrique « special orders« :

Is my payment safe?

Yes it is. Because we take the security of your payment seriously, we have partnered with a recognized payment system, LemonWay. You can find more detailed information about the safety of the payments on their website.

Any the other question?

In cas you have more questions or a request, please get in touch with us via our contact form or at : info@kokkobags.com

It’s a pleasure to read you!