Why isn’t KOKKO in shops?

I often get that question about where it is possible to discover the bags and in which boutiques they are sold.

Indeed, I chose not to sell through boutiques and to distribute the bags directly to the customers.

The brand is mainly focused on personalized bags, which are in most of the case the option that you choose for your bag. Therefor, it is impossible to order your unique handbag in a boutique 🙂

The making of the bags is made from a to z in our workshop in Liège (the design, the patterns, the handcrafting, …), with fabrics bought in small quantities. The production costs don’t let much place to a margin for an extra intermediate. And it’s important that each of us get paid the right price for its work, without that the price of the bags become too high.


Working with the final customer is so fulfilling that I never regret to be working directly with them. I get in real time their feedback, I can answer best to their wishes and offer a high quality after sales service. The production also gets very diversified and each bag has its own story.

The smaller accessories, such as the keychains and the wallets are available in boutiques (Neozone in Malmedy or Enfant Terrible in Liège), particularly during the period before Christmas.

If you’re curious to know how you can order a personalized and unique bag, go read the previous article. And don’t hesitate have a look at all the unique « jewels » we made on this page or on Instagram. Finally, if you just can’t make up your mind, a few models, in very limited editions, are also available on the website.

And maybe the most important thing to say  you’re always very welcome to come and pay us a visit at the workshop!

Have a great day,