Who’s KOKKO Bags?

More details about KOKKO Bags?

We could summarize in a very theoretical way, saying that it is a leather handbag brand producing very limited editions and unique pieces.

But! Around the basic concept, there is an atmosphere, an ambiance specific to KOKKO! This one is nourishing the inspiration and the passion in the workshop.

Why KOKKO Bags?

KOKKO for Kokkola, the Finish city where the passion about leather was born. Each handbag name is also a name of a Finish city.

Where does the inspiration come from?

The inspiration is very intuitive at KOKKO Bags, we follow our heart! The fabrics are a major inspiration, and that’s how we gather a very rich and varied stock, it can also be surprising sometimes.

The brand’s values : positive, fresh, offset and the evasion are also some roots. It’s very important to keep that atmosphere and that pleasure of creating and discovering to offer the best through our work.

How / where are the bags made?

Each bag is designed and made in Belgium, in our workshop in Liège. That explains the production delays. We always need to organise the planning according to the demand and we also sometimes need to make more specific researches, …

What about the ethic at KOKKO Bags?

It’s in the center of the project, it’s important to offer un product made in very unique conditions, with beautiful materials of which we know the origin. We privilege always the local producers to ally a combination in proximity and quality.

A conclusion?

The passion and the happiness of the creation 😉

Handmade . Unique . Handbags