Where do the fabrics come from?

The origin of the fabrics that I use are a frequent question when I get the occasion to meet you!



The leather skins that I pick are usually made in Italy, sometimes in France. I’m making that choice for several reasons:

  • The « know how » for leather is clearly a specialty in these countries. If it would have been possible to get closer manufacturers, I could have chosen for them. But unfortunately it’s nit possible as the leather skin production has almost desappeard in Belgium. There are still a few manufacturers but they are not making products destinated for leather goods such as handbags.
  • I very often work with a belgian wholesaler, which allows me to choose each skin, piece per piece. I can check its quality, the specificity and the color with very good care.
  • It also gives me the possibility to buy small quantities. Because I make mostly unique pieces, I don’t need big quantities of each leather.


Working like this, I can make a selection of basic leathers to combine with more original and specific skins.


Most of the accessories, which means, the carabiners, rivets, … are also made by an Italian manufacturer. There is in Italy much more manufactures dedicated to the work of the leather.


Regarding the lining, I buy them one per one in local shops. I already thought about unifying them, with a special KOKKO fabric. But in that case, I won’t be able to vary as much the styles and colors inside the bags as I do now, and I feel like this is a particularity that gives an extra touch to my work. The quantities required to be able to produce that kind of fabric for a decent price are quite high for my production.


Finally, I complete this nice stock with findings that I make when travelling around, in Paris or elsewhere.

This is a highlight of the backstage work. I put as much consciousness as I can in my project to offer a diversified choice which stays reasonable 🙂

See you soon,