What deadlines for a tailored bag ?

How long would you have to wait to receive your order?

When the order is validated, I set a date in around 2 months further from that day.



2 months might seem very long to make one bag … But there are most of the time some other work that is already happening in the workshop, and the preparation and organization can require some time too!

I most of the time have to go visit my suppliers to get all the material I need, and some other bags are usually made simultaneously. I handle the orders, but I also make small capsule collections available on the webshop, the contacts with you, the social medias, the papers, … And all the things that come around!

And to this I add a bit of extra margin for unexpected events of all kind 🙂

And I must say, I see that this deadlines also leave you the time to « sleep on it » as we say, and to rethink all the details of your selection, or maybe let some ideas grow in your mind after seing all the combos that are possible when you come and see or during « visio calls ».



But isn’t it also part of the game to to wait a few weeks when ordering a tailor-made handbag?

And who knows, you might have a good surprise to see it being made a bit earlier than planned. The deadlines are rather calculated to be shortened than lengthened. I don’t like playing with you nerves 😉

However, if you need a bag almost immediately, bags are also available on the webshop, ready to be shipped! Those ones are made in the same conditions, in the same spirit. They are unique and original pieces. They can be a nice occasion to offer a special gift or a simpler solution when you have a hard time visualizing or making a choice 🙂