The webshop is back!

I’m very happy to announce you that the webshop is back online.

After 6 months, it was time to update and upgrade a few elements that needed it!

More clarity:

  • The names of the bags are now easier to recognize! Of course, I kept the emblematic names, but they are now followed bu description instead of numbers. It’s just easier for everyone to find its way.
  • The first page of the shop section has been totally redesigned. You’ll have to choose for a model, and then, you’ll find the different version of this one.
  • There are a few more changes that I leave you to discover during your visit 🙂

I hope those changes will improve your time on my webshop !

I also made a big sorting in the models, and new bags have arrived! Some of them are even available right away, no production delay required.

Finally, I’m going to exploit the « News » space to communicate about the last events and the life of the workshop! Hope you’ll enjoy that!