KOKKO Bags on Waldorado etc


The month of November has been full of emotions with all the nice opportunities that were given to me to be shown in the press in different medias.


The 17/11/2018, a portrait of my activity was diffused on the tv show Waldorado.This show is making reportages and portraits of entrepreneurs from Wallonia. In this nice reportage, you can have a glimpse at my universe, the workshop, and my values. I’m really grateful that I was part of this king of show. It’s also a very nice opportunity to be seen and to make myself better known.


The link of the show : it’s here.(In French)


A few weeks earlier, I also had the opportunity  to meet Chrys, from the blog Imparfaites.I talked to you about this nice meet in a previous article.


There was also an article in the newspaper from my original region, the « Vlan ». You can read it and try your French on this page.


And if you wanna have a global sight of all the parutions about my work, have a look ate the article « Did you seen us? ».


Thanks a lot to the journalists, cameramans, bloggers, … to believe in my projects and to talk in such a beautiful manner about it!


Now, let’s go for the last run before Christmas!