Hi you, first collection

That’s it! Here is the first capsule collection!

Anyway! I’m really happy that the webshop is now filled with 11 exclusive new items!



Each bag is made of my inspiration, driven by the fabrics, the colors, and the strong and a bit funky contrasts.

You’ll find models that you already know, such as the LOJO and the MATTOA, but also new ones!




Its been a while that a was willing to create a banana bag, and this project of a more personal collection was the perfect opportunity to finally make it happen! A bag that you can wear crossbody, just the perfect size to carry your phone, a wallet and a few papers. I’m already wearing one and I really love it, even if I have a bigger bag, its so easy to find your important items. It’s name? ANOLA.





Then, an other crush : the tote bag HALILA. Both editions have fringes, it gives so much peps and movement. A big bag to throw all your stuffs in it, to go to work, to go shopping or to the beach, it’s up to you!





Finally, the clutch PAROLA completes the collection. The concept is a bit similar to the banana bag, but this time, it is the best way to carry your phone, papers and money around your neck or in your bag, with an easy switch thanks to the removable handle.



Of course, all those 3 new models are available to be personalized, and I can’t wait to make those declinations!

I invite you to discover them on the webshop right now !



Photos : Alessandro Volders