ENTREPRENEURSHIP – A business / passion of a nice hobby?

Who never dreamt of living from its passion?

It seems at first like the ideal job, doing what you love, everyday!

However, before dropping everything and investing all your savings in a food truck, it might be wise to see how your future business might be like in your daily life.

I do think that to be at peace and blooming, you should first establish the big lines of your ideal quotidien and see if the business that you imagine could fit those criteria (be creative!), if not now, in a near future.



Next, it is also a must to know if you’re willing to work each day in that area. Some activities that we do like as hobbies because there are no expectations attached, no timing, no routine, … can become stressful or boring.

From my own experience, I know that the leather crafting is a passion that is an ideal job, as after a few years I’m still passionate about it, I’m motivated for new ideas and inspiration is here. But it can also evolve with time … Who said one big career per life? :-). But in the contrary, even if I do really like the healthy cooking, I’m not ready to cook a few hours every day! A couple of hours, more occasionally when I have the time and the inspiration for it, it’s all good.



Then comes the admin work that comes with every project, that you’ll have to handle, at least at the beginning. It’s mostly not the favorite task of entrepreneurs, but it is essentiel to a good management and organization. Be ready to carry that responsibility, some jobs bring lore papers than others.

An other one : what rhythm would this activity brings? Some activities have unusual schedules, does it suit me?

If all the lights aren’t green, they can also be adjusted : part of the papers can be handles to an accountant, a schedule can be adapted with creative solutions, the stress can be better handled, … The beginnings can be a bit tricky, it’s a step to go through!

Anyway, the most important thing is to visualise your future daily rhythm, but it is also very important to dare starting at some point. There are usually structures that can help you start a project without having to throw it all in.



and please never forget that almost each success has been preceded by at least a couple of failures! I tried the design of custom clothings, (in the motorcycle and automobile area, hell yes!), a created a few blogs with recipes and other subjects, I sold apple juice, gave sewing lessons, … And I also probably forgot a part of all the ideas more or less feasible that I ever imagined and tried!

The thing is to learn on the way, and it seems so long, but you’ll finally end up at a result that you didn’t even imagine. The most important thing is to be creative on the way, to follow your gut and believe in your ideas even (or especially I would say) if they are out of the box! You’ll never regret to have surpass yourself, or to have tried. You’re about to learn, and that’s the only way to succeed in a domain that you’re passionate about.

Bonne chance!