A real shooting

When the idea of the organisation of the shooting arrived, it took me a couple of days before decide what should happen to represent the best the brand, and give some purpose to this shooting.

I had in mind to give it a very authentic side and to do it my own way. Something I love about the mind is that you give it a problem to solve, and it finds it’s own way!



Therefore, I decided to ask a couple of friends that are also entrepreneurs, to join me. We had a great time, and it was almost as if we had a « simple » day together, around my creations, and hanging in nice places we love to go to in our daily life. The principle was quite simple : I needed « real people » in « real places ».

The actual crisis is impacting people around me, and small businesses, I thought it was really important to put them at the front of the stage as well. And this idea was a real plus to the shooting. I might want to keep this concept and decline it for each new collection.

You’ll recognize the following places in Liège : the workshop, of course, the starting and rallying point.



After that, we went to Grand Maison, a warm « bar to drink coffee and eat », lead by 4 women that offer a variety of homemade small dishes made of organic and/or local ingredients, in a so friendly environment, where you easily feel like at home.The cantine is just a great place to meet your friends, have a chat, a coffee and a delicious bite, for a very fair price.



Then through a walk on the gardens of the hillsides, we ended up at the « Maison Darius ». It is a business that was particularly hit by the confinement, as they had to close the doors of their brand new bar a couple of days after opening them. The second establishment of the siblings is really worth the visit : it is where they brand their own coffee beans, they have a nice quiet terrasse and the very same hits of their first coffee bar, good coffee and absolutely delicious sweet treats.



Finally, I’ll later take the time to talk to you about my models of one day, on my publications and also in a couple more articles. I’ll introduce you Alix, she’s helping me at the workshop and is a very creative women, then Florence, the interior designer and her project of a gallery-office, then Justine and her brand Imprevu than won’t need to be introduced, …

Those nice moments, and the bags (let’s not forget about them!) were shot by the very talented Alessandro Volders.

Thanks for reading me!