A new lounge for KOKKO Bags


A new lounge? This idea has been in my head for a while, and I finally have the opportunity to make it happen!

In order to welcome you at best, my very dear customers, and to share with you an even more authentic, privileged  and personalized moment, I’m setting a cosy place in a corner of my workshop. All that we need to stop the time together 🙂

Now is the time to find and collect nice objects and make old ones look good again. I’m in the intention to first exploit things that I already have, and then complete and match these with second hand furnitures. Conscious consumption is in the center of all my projects, so it’s quite important to do so!

The workshop is not accessible from the street as could be a boutique, all the meetings have to be planned. Just call me, and I’ll open you the doors of my workshop and soon my cosy lounge area 🙂

I’m excited to show you more about it, it’s a place where I’ll be creating for you and with you the bag of your dream, but also a place to share about the things that make you alive, about creativity, all happening in a kind, positive and respectful space. Meeting you and sharing with you is a real motor to my projects, I want to enhance it! Nothing better than a new contact, in live, right?

Here is a few pictures to give you an idea of how I imagine this area. I often work with moodboards to associate colors and assemble an atmosphere.

I wish that this space will evolve with all the meetings that it will welcome and that everyone would be able to leave a trace! It’s not all settle yet, which is a big exciting part of that king of project ! Can’t wait to see where it leads me.

I have so many more ideas for this new little concept, but I won’t share them all tight away 🙂 A bit of patience, it should follow!

This is all to be followed on the social medias, I’ll try to report the evolution of the area, and my findings! Then, I’ll meet you there for a tea and a piece of « feel good cake » ? And why not to make a little unique peace for you?

See you soon!